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Execs and Workers Differ on Ideal Work Environment for Creativity

What kind of office setting sparks the most creativity?

The 2016 Annotated Ontario Human Rights Code (A Review)

Getting it right when faced with a Human Rights Code violation is critical.

The 2016 Annotated Employment Insurance Act (A Review)

Reviewing the Employment Insurance Act is without a doubt a tall order. Having an annotated version handy lessens the burden.

The Ostrich Effect (A Review)

Kahn surfaces how dysfunction occurs, using detailed examples in each chapter to illustrate the process and demonstrate the fix.

The Outward Mindset (A Review)

The Outward Mindset offers tips on how to develop performance evaluation and management systems to match an outward mindset.

Born for This (A Review)

A look at Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do, written by Chris Guillebeau.

No Fears, No Excuses (A Review)

A look at No Fears, No Excuses: What You Need to Do to Have a Great Career, written by Larry Smith.

HR Manager's Guide to Succession Planning (A Review)

A look at HR Manager's Guide to Succession Planning, written by Brian Kreissl and Yaseen Hemeda.

Wrongful Dismissal Handbook (A Review)

A look at Wrongful Dismissal Handbook, 7th Edition, written by the Honourable Mr. Justice John R. Scott.

The Optimistic Workplace (A Review)

A look at The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone, written by Shawn Murphy.