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Hiring for Keeps (A Review)

09/23/2015 by Alyson Nyiri, CHRL

Hiring for Keeps: How to Hire Outstanding Employees Who Fit, Stay and Add to the Bottom Line

By Janet Webb
JW Associates International, 2015

Organizations engage executive search companies for various reasons: cost effectiveness, access to their database of candidates, to fill C-suite positions. With the proliferation of networking sites many companies can reach more candidates themselves. According to Webb, instead of delivering information, search firms deliver judgment. Using her unique Trait Alignment Protocol (TAP), Webb outlines how identify and maintain fit over the long term. TAP enables both hiring managers and candidates to understand the soft skills required for the position by using observed behaviours to establish the traits of the candidate and comparing those traits with the ones needed to succeed in the role. Traits, in this case, are the underlying distinguishing qualities or characteristics and are divided into two categories. Fundamental traits are those needed for any role while complementary traits are those needed for the particular role. Webb offers a step-by-step guide including sample questions and rating tables.

Talking Point

The TAP method is especially helpful when recruiting for senior leadership roles. It prevents recruiters from making assumptions about key traits from the candidate’s level of seniority and forces screening for each trait regardless of executive level.